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The principle of solidification of UV light

UV light curing is refers to under the irradiation of ultraviolet (UV), radiant energy, light initiator to absorb ultraviolet light split into free radicals, trigger a prepolymer polymerization, cross coupling reaction, in a very short period of time to a three-dimensional network of polymer, hardening of the membrane, chemical drying essence is achieved by formation of chemical bonds.

Introduction to fulin UV curing system

There are some obvious flaws in the traditional printing process: hot baking and high energy consumption.

Product Detail

To produce harmful gases and cause air pollution;

Large occupancy of space;

Low printing efficiency.

Using UV printing technology more developed countries, with fast speed, good product performance and quality of optimization, the environmental protection standard, reduce energy consumption, to take up less space, and many other advantages.

Industry.with reference German and Japanese technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic printing equipment, after years of development, with the experiment developed specifically for printing equipment of form a complete set of "fu Lin printing UV light solid system", to replace the traditional drying room drying equipment, can greatly save ironworks production cost, increase production capacity and product percent of pass.


Main technical characteristics of the equipment

UV machine (8002).

Machine size: 3500 x1680x2200

Maximum speed: 100 sheets / min

Maximum sheet width: 1200mm

Total installed power: 50HZ, 85KW

Main functions: stepless ultraviolet light intensity and speed, overtemperature adjustment, reflection shutter control, etc. The temperature of the light box is about 60°under normal production.

Specific parameters:

We recommend four sets of halogen lamps plus one set of mercury lamps for 2-color machine. the intermediate group is subject to the process arrangement during normal production, and the latter four sets use two or four pairs of UV lamps.


Parameter features:

1, We adopt Huawei electronic frequency conversion power and dual-use halogen mercury lamp to achieve stepless adjustment on energy output. The energy saving is about 15% compared to conventional transformer. It satisfies various requirement on UV light intensity of printing ink.

2. The speed can be manually adjusted and set up to track the printer to operate in two modes simultaneously.

3, All kinds of equipment troubleshooting and machine operation condition are shown on the display. The record of equipment historical failure and lamp changing can be traced.

4, We use aluminum and magnesium alloys for air-cooled light box (patented) and light box wind circulation system. The temperature of light box is about 60°under normal production to keep the lamps working in the best environment.

5, There are complete machine protection methods like power leakage, current, voltage, light box negative pressure, iron fixing, every motor, iron inlet condition setting, electric cabinet cooling, electrical cabinet’s temperature, air pressure, etc. You can easily understand such states of the equipment and set relevant parameters.