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UV Curing Oven | UV Dryer

Available Models & Technical Features:
Model: FL-8002UV (8002 for 2 color, 8003 for 3 -color. Etc..)
Size: 3500*1680*2200
Max Speed: 100 Sheets/min
Max Width: 1200mm
Total Power: 50HZ, 80KW(8002, 2 color)

For videos of our UV , LEDUV, Leak Tester, Misprinted Sheet Cleaning Machine, please search "Fulin Machinery" in YouTube

Product Detail
A. All the actions are controlled by PLC, managed by programming;
B. Using the independent exhausting system, temperature transmitter delivers the message to central controller, and central controller then send instructions to the converter to adjust the air volume to ensure the best effect between the UV lamp and tin sheet. (normally the other manufactures just use the fan motor for exhausting directly and control the air volume manually).
C. Lamp also uses the current transmitter, digital voltage meter is controlled by central controller.
D. Air runner, duct, reflection cover all are made with customized mold, and is made of special magaluma, thus the strength, cooling and refection effect are guaranteed. The reflection cover consists of 2 arcs with our patent approved and protected , while the normal ones in market is only 1 arc. And for our air runner and air collection cover, the efficiency of them is equal with original Fuji machine. (other manufactures has no air runner and air collection cover).
E. After testing, we can totally reach the power factor of original Fuji machine (under the same power condition, we have about 8%-10% energy saving compare with other similar products in market).
F. We use the customized UV lamp which is made by Primarc, UK, and have stable outputs of UV energy.
G. All our electrical parts are using the well known brands worldwide like, German Schneider, German Siemens, Japan Yaskawa etc.

H. All the conveyors are vacuum designed which enables the stable delivery of the tinplate sheets and aluminum sheets as wel.

Technical Features:
1. Variable-frequency power source with Huawei technology applied, using both the mercury and halogen lamps, stepless energy-output adjustment, saving about 15% of the energy comparing with the conventional transformer; Able to satisfy the ultraviolet strength requirements of various ink.
2. Automatic width adjustment, conveyor width is able to be adjusted without stopping the machine.
3. The error reminders or running situation of the machine, will be shown on the HMI (Human-Machine- Interface), the error history & the lamp-changing history are trackable.
4. Special lamp box made of magaluma (patent protected), independent air cycling system for each lamp box, 55°C under normal running condition keeps the best working environment of the lamps.
5. Complete protection of the machine, like, electric leakage, current, voltage, negative pressure of lamp box, sheet stuck, each motor, setting of sheet feeding, electric cabinet cooling, electric cabinet temperature, shutter working status, air pressure etc.. user can know the above status easily and make relevant settings.
6. Speed could be able to set by manual stepless adjusting or be synchronous with the print press, 2 options.
7. Lamp box is easy to draw out, convenient for maintenance.
8. Well light blocking, no ultraviolet light leakage.
9. Smart control system, switch on step by step, to avoid power grid impact. Shift the strong & weak light automatically when there is no sheet, saving energy and extend the lifetime of lamps. Using PID  multi- temperature-judgment, smartly control the temperature of lamp box, available to be used under various environments. The machine body and lamp box could be cooled quickly after lamps off.
10. Vacuum sucking is applied to the conveying ribs, available for both aluminum sheet & tinplate sheet.
11. Shifting the strong and weak light by low voltage, safe and reliable.

12. DP network distribution system, high anti-interference performance, clear structure.

For videos of our UV , LEDUV, Leak Tester, Misprinted Sheet Cleaning Machine, please search "Fulin Machinery" in YouTube.