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Fulin LED-UV Curing System

Product feature:

1It’s cold light source, no thermal radiation, Ozone free generation, it’s more environmental when compare with mercury lamp

2No need preheating, it can runs when turn on

3With small shape and compact structure, can install without move machine  

4Life time : more than 20000 hours, no need maintenance

5Lower energy consumption, energy consumption is less than half of traditional mercury lamp

Product Detail

Product specification:

Product model: FL-1001LUV

Cooling method: Water cooling

Wave length (NM) 365395

 Irradiation area : 1200*40(mm)

Total Power: 7.68KW

Control Mode: level control

Single lamp power (W) 12

Machine Size: 1500*600*1000           

Note: As LED UV optical band is simple, can not reach traditional UV compound band, you should arrange test for material suitability before selection