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UVLED Curing Oven | LEDUV Dryer

I. Available Models & Specs:

FL-8002LEDUV (2-Color) (3-Color: FL-8003LEDUV; 4-Color: FL-8004LEDUV....)

Machine Size: 2130*1680*1063mm

Max Speed: 100 sheets/min

Max Sheet Width: 1200mm

Total Power: 36kw (1 LEDUV+ 3 LEDUV)

Main Configuration: Customized LED chips, error-reminding system, full touch screen control.

LED Cooling Method: Water Cooling.

Mercury Cooling Method: Air Cooling.

Wave Length (NM): 385, 395.

Single Lamp Lighting Area: 1200*40mm.

LED Single Lamp Total Power: 9kw (the actual using will be adjusted to about 60%-80% output)

Control Method: Electric Level Control.

Single Lamp Electric Power: 12w

For videos of our LEDUV, UV, Leak Tester, Misprinted Sheet Cleaning Machine, please search "FLJX" in YouTube.

Product Detail

II. Machine Characteristics:

1. Its the cold light source without heat radiation without ozone produced, much more environment-friendly comparing with the mercury lamps.

2. No need to preheat, using instantly as soon as its switched on.

3. Smaller size with compact structure, could be installed without moving the machine.

4. The lifetime could be over 15,000h, free of maintenance.

5. Lower energy consumption, the electricity consumption is less than a half comparing with the conventional mercury lamps.

III. Using Comparison (work with 2-color print press)


Mercury UV



Installed Power




Heat Value

Produces huge heat, needs to install cooling device after the oven. Produces strong visible lights, needs to longer the machine to cover the light.

Cold light source, working temperature is the normal temperature ±5, better temperature control.



Short lamp lifetime, about 1500h.

Not good to switch on and off frequently, should be on for the whole day (when there is no sheet, its standby power), lifetime is short and energy costing.

Work above 15000hs continuously.

Light on as soon as its switched on, able to be on & off frequently, only on when curing is needed. 



Request very high uniformity of cooling air, otherwise the lamp is easy to get aged, black, and become invalid.

UVLED is designed at the front of the shining side, and controlled separately for subsections. 



Need to exhaust the ozone

No ozone produced



Full spectrum, ultraviolet visible light, infrared light broadband energy, produced heavy heat.

Wave length 385 & 395nm, similar to ordinary illumination.


IV. Cost Comparing (Take 2-Color Printing Press for Example)


Conventional UV


Total Power

75KW (100% in actual use, 30% standby)

36KW (60%-80% in actual use, 0% standby)


75KW*16H*26D=31,200 Units

36KW*16H*26D*70%=10483 Units

Lamp Cost

Conventional UV lamps are cheaper but with shorter lifetime;

LEDUV lamps are longer in lifetime but more expensive;

Averagely, cost on lamps will be more or less the same.

Remarks :

As per running time of 26D/Month, and 16h/Day for sheet running. (except for adjustment & sampling time)

So the cost of lamp is basically the same.


A monthly cost of (31200-10483)*$0.12/unit =$2486 could be saved.

Remarks: China Electricity Cost=About $0.12/Unit.

The saved-cost under standby status is not included in this evaluation.

The same, we could calculate that about 35200*$0.12=$4224 for a 6-Color line could be saved for one month.

For videos of our LEDUV, UV, Leak Tester, Misprinted Sheet Cleaning Machine, please search "FLJX" in YouTube.